Important (FAQ, Fair Use, etc.)

The title about says it all. I’d like to compile a list of several documents containing information regarding where I get my information and images from. I’ll put other miscellaneous and important things (for lack of a better word) here as well as I see fit.


If there are any forms of media that I have used on this informational journal that interfere with copyright usage in any way, please inform me. I will remove the image upon request, as to to not infringe on anyone’s rights to intellectual or physical property. If you wish to be credited for an image that you, or someone who owns the right to an image, please message me so that you can be properly credited.

I am in the process of compiling a list of all the images I have used, where they were from, proper citation, and any disclaimers that come along with it.  (As for any of the images that I explicitly state that I took, you are free to use them as long as they are used for non-profit and educational usage.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get all of your information from?
> Since October of 2012, I have been independently researching different types of plants and botany in general. I do my research during my free time, which usually involves searching for a specific plant at a local library, school library, or on the web (The latter is quickest and most convenient, hence most of my information comes from various online sources.). I have several books I have received about various types of plants and their unique qualities, which I try to use as frequently as possible.

How can I cite this blog?
>(MLA)  Szubryt, Austin. “Title.” AustinBotany (year posted). Web. <link_to_url>

You may simply post the url from which the information has been posted, although MLA citations are preferred.


2 responses to “Important (FAQ, Fair Use, etc.)

  1. Paul M. Howey

    I’m the editor of a regional magazine in Western North Carolina. I’m running an article from our Botanical Gardens regarding the Sycamore (platanus occidentalis), and found your photo of the tree. Might I run this with the article, with attribution of course? What wording would you like for the attribution, if you give permission? Thanks, Paul M. Howey, Editor-in-Chief / The Laurel of Asheville.

    • Hi Paul,
      Yes, that is perfectly fine by me. Feel free to use any of the information or images associated with this article. All I ask is that you include a link to/mention this article. Thank you for your reading, and best of luck with your magazine!
      -Austin Szubryt

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