Impatiens walleriana (Impateins, Busy Lizzy)

These fast growing, small tropical plants can bloom in a variety of bright colors. The flowers come in shades of red to orange to violet, with many cultivars in other
colors or bicolor.

Impatiens walleriana (Impatiens, Busy Lizzy)
Deciduous: no
Hardiness Zones: 10-11
Height: 15-60 centimeters (6-24 inches) tall
Diameter: 15-60 centimeters (6-24 inches) across
Growth Rate: rapid
Age: perennials, frequently grown as annuals
Root System: fibrous
Family: Balsaminaceae
Subspecies: ‘Mini-Hawaiian’ series (dwarfs), ‘Jewel’, ‘African Queen’ (yellow flowers)

Tolerates: heavy/dense shade
Problems (major): none
Problems (minor): slugs, aphids, cucumber beetles, nematodes, spider mites, powdery mildew, verticillium wilt, oedema
Poisonous: no

Soil requirements: prefer nutrient-rich, loamy/medium, well-drained soils
Air requirements: not sufficiently researched
Watering requirement: moderate, susceptible to breakage
Sun requirement: part-shade or full shade

Leaf shape: ovate to elliptic, dark green to light green
Leaf size: up to 8 centimeters (3 inches) long
Flower structure: 5-petals, 2-5 centimeters (1-2 inches) wide, flat
Flowering frequency: flower continuously in shade in shades of red, pink, orange, yellow, violet, white, bicolor, and more
Bulb/tuber: neither
Monocot/Dicot: dicot
Annual/Biennial/Perennial: perennial (treated as an annual)

Notable characteristics:
The flowers have a wide range of possible colors.

Impatiens are typically used in gardens as ornamentals or border plants.

Sources used:

Pink flowers

All of the images provided were taken by me. They may be used for educational/informational purposes only, provided that this article/online journal is
appropriately cited first.


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